Writing In Class

Happy Friday, Priscilla Bennett Friends,

The weather has cooled down, and we’re getting ready for the weekend. I bought a couple of Father’s Day cards for Harry from myself and Reilly—separate cards—Reilly wants his own and so do I. The two of us are having our own Father’s Day celebration Saturday night for Harry before we share him with everyone else. I’m cooking his favorite cheese soufflé—he first had it when he was in France on a family trip and never recovered. Harry has been such a good father to his daughters, and they love him. He’ll be embarrassed by all the attention on Sunday. Reilly wants all the attention, but he’ll have to take his turn.

Writing is a difficult task—trying to get something down on paper—I always wanted it to be perfect on the first try, and then I learned if I waited for that, I’d never get anything down. It was hard to open up in my first writing class. For one thing, most of the other students were at least twenty years younger than I—some just out of college—most were working to support themselves, but writing was their passion. Slowly, one reading after another, I began to share more and get feedback from other writers—in the end, we were all having the same issues— how to make our story the best that it could be. I also read their work as they did mine and had to edit and make comments on it, and this gave me a sharpness I could then apply to my own work. Unlike my young educational experiences, this environment was completely non-judgmental—no grades, no criticism or competition—just acceptance and learning. What a gift!

Thank you, my Priscilla Bennett Friends, for listening and for all your support. Please visit my website at www.priscillabennett.com and read this blog, make a comment, write your own story and get helpful information. Remember the Priscilla Bennett Pledge to help someone by starting a conversation, giving a kind word in the grocery store or parking lot—a touch on the shoulder. We all have SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR.

You are in my thoughts,