Wonderful Story About Wylie, Texas High School & Domestic Violence

WYLIE, TEXAS – Wylie High School takes its football seriously, and head coach Bill Howard says he expects the best from his team.

“Some people throw words around, but when we say family we really mean it,” Howard said.

Howard said that excellence transcends the football field into everyday life. After seeing several high-profile college and professional players arrested for domestic violence, Howard wanted to address the problem with his team.

“If you have a problem in society and don’t address it, nothing will change,” Howard said.

So Wylie High School partnered with the Wylie Police Department to create an educational program where detectives speak with athletes about difficult subjects ranging from domestic violence to consent. Detective Helen Taylor helped put together the program and said honest conversations like this are exactly what needs to take place with teens.

“I think we do them a disservice if we refuse to talk about sensitive subjects,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the teens were receptive, asking question after question about what to do in different situations.

“I was blown away by the openness,” Taylor said. “It was really great to address these issues head on.”

Jordan Hunt is a Junior at Wylie High School with dreams of playing Division-I football. He says the information shared was common sense, but it’s always good to reinforce messages like having strong respect for women, and he commends his school for putting together a unique program.

“We may be one of 10 or 20 schools to do this, maybe,” Hunt said. “I feel very proud.”

The students have already participated in the first two sessions and will have a third in the Spring.

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