Wine and Whine Today With Discussion About HBO’s New Series Big Little Lies

Dear Priscilla Bennett Community,

Today I began my Monday morning with a meeting about the marketing of my new eBook. It is push come to shove time as there is so much to do these final days before the launch. I am preparing for the release on April 3 of my first novel Something To Be Brave For. My publisher, Endeavour Press, is keeping me very busy with an assortment of blogging, preparing my author pages on Amazon and Goodreads and a slew of other author related jobs. My team in Boston is prepping me for upcoming interviews, how to speak and collaborate with domestic violence organizations, keeping up my social media and more and more and more. I love it all and if this is retirement, give me more! I am motivated. I vowed to write a novel about domestic violence when I had the time and I did. I spent two years preparing my book. I sat down every day and spent a few hours. I like structure so I sat and plain old wrote on a yellow legal pad. If I got stuck, I quickly got unstuck, as I thought about the women I met over the years, the stories shared and how I would eventually help the domestic violence community upon my retirement. I cannot bear the thought of one more woman, child or man facing the horrors that I witnessed over the years as an emergency room nurse. I fell down the rabbit hole as I took classes and spoke to many advocates and really sought answers. Why? How come this isn’t getting better? Why this rampant emotional and physical abuse with no let up in sight? I do get stuck in this place frequently thinking about domestic violence but am now determined to get out into the public more and begin my Something To Be Brave For journey.

I attended a beautiful lunch today at a cozy French restaurant called Petit Robert Bistro in Boston. My two best friends Marlene and Joanne wanted to get together for wine and whine as I like to call it and of course, discuss my new eBook. I admit, I’ve been putting off all social engagements so I could write and get my social media platforms up and running smoothly. Finally, I can see all opening up to me and spending quality time with one’s college roomies is the best way to nurture one’s soul. I accepted a last minute date and was eagerly looking forward to catching up and seeing the three of us back together again. We have not seen each other since the holidays. We also decided that we would have an agenda and meet up for now on once a month. We made a plan to start discussing a new show on HBO called Big Little Lies. I told both of them to watch Sunday night’s newest installment and we could compare notes. Marlene was right there with me and has watched the last four episodes but Joanne had catching up to do and kudos to her, she watched all episodes in one sitting.

Big Little Lies is on HBO Sunday nights 9PM. It is a must-see show.The main characters are three women, all mothers to first graders, in tony Monterey, California. They seemingly all have perfect lives and perfect husbands but with an underlying sense that there is much reality and darkness about to unfold. And unfolding it is! I don’t want to give away the plotline except there is a domestic violence storyline involving a character named Celeste. I commend HBO for being so brutally honest and sharing this most intimate and important issue. Nicole Kidman plays this women so convincingly suffering at the hands of her abuser husband that as I watch, I think to myself that she must be a victim. Her performance is flawless in my opinion. Every facial expression, every nuance, every gesture reminds me of women I met at the hospital. Beautiful and beaten, afraid, mentally beaten down and unless they actually blurted out the words about abuse, we could do nothing to help them. Most stayed with their abusers. Big Little Lies is based on a book written by Australian author Liane Moriarty. She is a New York Times best-selling author with over six million copies sold. How could she write this story? It is so perfect in so many ways. Marlene, Joanne and I are all hooked as you will be too. Please watch next Sunday’s episode as there are only three left. Of course you can find the first four episodes airing online or read the book. I personally will finish the series and then read the book. I want to be surprised and pray that Celeste takes her twin boys and leaves her abusive husband.

Let’s start a discussion here on my website about Big Little Lies. Just comment below and let’s discuss the domestic violence plotline. We must take the Priscilla Bennett Pledge together that everything starts with a conversation because we all have something to be brave for.

xoxo Priscilla