What Survivors Can Collect For Evidence Of Abuse

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

Here are some suggestions for collecting evidence of abuse. I hope they are helpful.
Any written rules imposed by the abuser
Information about abuse of previous partners
Proof that you are being financially marginalized
Records proving you provide most of the child care
Diary of physical and nonphysical incidents with dates, times and frequency
Video and Audio recordings of argument or conversations
Photos or video of any injuries of you or family members along with medical reports
Police reports
Screenshots of repeated calls, emails, texts or social media messages along with recordings of voicemails and phone conversations from abuser
Verbal accounts and testimony from any witnesses
Documentation showing workplace incidents where abuser stalked or harassed you
Photos or video of weapons used to harm or threaten you along with items damaged or destroyed.
Veterinary records of any pet abuse

In my novel SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR, set in the 1990s, Katie doesn’t have all the video, recording social media opportunities that are available today, but she keeps a diary and documents all the physical and nonphysical incidents that happen to her due to her husband Claude’s abuse. She also has written orders from Claude of what she is supposed to accomplish on a daily basis. She has proof that Claude controls all the finances and is forced to save for her escape from pocket money she collects. Katie is the primary caretaker of her daughter Rose. She refuses to go to the police because Claude, the famous plastic surgeon, would pay them off and that would be worse for her. Gillian who is Katie’s friend, has seen her bruises and encourages Katie to leave. Katie makes a plan to escape with Rose and eventually becomes free.

Take good care of yourselves,