The Shelter

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

I hope all of you were able to get some rest over the weekend. The weather has been amazing for this time of year.

Harry and I went to a shelter where we volunteer our time once a week and try to give whatever we can to help. We took toiletries from our trip abroad, clothes and shoes that no longer fit and pizza for lunch. The pizza disappeared, and we went out and got more—milkshakes, too. We’re coming back for Halloween—Harry the ghost and Pris the witch with gobs of treats. We’ve also volunteered to help for Thanksgiving, and Harry is going to be Santa this December. The children suffer life-long effects from seeing, in most cases, their mothers beaten and yelled at with no financial escape—often they are next. The children have no voice, are powerless to stop it and feel it is their fault. Sometimes, Harry and I can put smiles on their faces, get a hug and hear them laugh. We leave feeling complete—grateful to be able to give back.

Take good care of yourselves,