The Next Step

Thank goodness it’s Friday for all of you hard-working Priscilla Bennett Friends,

It’s the end of the week, and I hope you are well and can catch up on some rest. I keep thinking about how I wrote my novel and wanted to continue with my thoughts.

My next step in the writing process was to make an outline—Ugh! I struggled with that for some time knowing that in the end I could change it. I was still taking notes whenever and wherever, but now, I was working on the computer and taking many coffee breaks, too.   Through that process, I began to develop the story line and decided, against the rules, to open with a shocking scene from over half way into the book and then flashback up to that point and beyond. I wasn’t sure about what I was doing, but wanted to open with a domestic violence scene to get everyone’s attention—not the simplest plan but felt right. It took a lot of experimenting and going to classes to learn.

You’re such a support, my friends, and thank you for listening. Please visit my website at to read this blog and make a comment, a like it and get more helpful information. Remember the Priscilla Bennett Pledge to help someone by starting a conversation or giving a kind word. We all have SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR.

Have a safe weekend,