Thank You Bookalicious Travel Addict for Your Recent Review of Something To Be Brave For


Meet Claude, Famous Plastic Surgeon. Respected highly by Katie’s Father, an eminent surgeon. So much so that Claude and Katie ended up as a couple, then marry.

This book handles the emotional subject of Domestic Violence, a subject I’m passionate about through my paid work and previous volunteer work with Victim Support.

The Author delicately handles the subject and shows how a couple on the outside can be the envy of everyone who meets them; outwardly seen as being a happily married and successful couple, but behind closed doors the story couldn’t be more different. The Author shows how one party can be so controlling and capable of psychological damage that goes unseen and unreported. With no help from outside parties when a cry for help comes along, even when children are involved, it becomes a desperate situation. The book shows how a victims strength of character can eventually shine through and I really liked the character of Katie and kept willing her on all the way through the book.

The book is completely indicative of cases I’ve seen like this, having spoken to women like Katie, and to me it is extremely well researched. I would love to think that this book would empower other women reading it who are in a similar situation.

This is a very emotional read.