Team Work

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

It looks like we have a beautiful summer weekend ahead, and I hope you’ll be able to rest and relax a bit. Harry and I just came from the vet, and Reilly is doing better. The injections are working, and we’re so grateful. I’m preparing for our gin rummy party tomorrow night. Harry will play cards with his pals, and I’ll meet with the wives in the next room to discuss domestic violence and what we can do to help. Everyone loves my lasagna, and I’ll make a green salad to go with it. The wives volunteered to bring the starters and dessert, and they’ll help me clean up, so it’s easy.

Team work is so important—having good friends you can count on to share experiences in life. In my novel, Katie is very much alone. Her parents are not supportive, and her husband, Claude, isolates her and controls who she sees and when. Her friend, Gillian, tries to help get her away from the abuse and is as forceful as she can be with Katie, but, in the beginning, Katie shies away from her until she realizes there is no other solution and is strong enough to take the appropriate steps with her daughter, Rose. It is Katie’s daughter, Rose, and her well-being and survival that motivates Katie. After several batterings, and endless attempts to “make things better,” she’s convinced that she might not survive the next one. What happens if he breaks her neck, and she can’t walk or can’t take Rose to school? What happens if Claude kills her, and Rose is left in his hands? Ultimately, as she moves forward and develops more friendships, it is their support that becomes her new family.

Take good care of yourselves,