Take the Stairs, One Step at a Time


Escaping from domestic abuse means finding the strength, wisdom, and courage to keep on walking, never to go back. It’s not an easy path, but it can be done. I want to share this intimate, raw, and honest account in my upcoming novel, Something To Be Brave For being released early 2017.  I wrote this book based on my years working as an emergency room nurse in Boston. I saw firsthand both women and men, and heartbreakingly, sometimes children, walk through those hospital doors.  I treated and counseled many and to this day have maintained relationships with some. A few have become dear friends, like family really. I have experienced the process of healing, overcoming fear, loneliness, of reordering  life and worldview and taught some how to love again. I have done this so that I can offer support to those who are in the throes of abuse, or on the path behind the abuse and to those who love and care about people who are trying to free themselves from abuse. Now that I am retired, I am going to devote myself to helping victims of emotional and domestic abuse and violence.  My upcoming novel is based on what I have seen and experienced so I decided to cull together my first story.  It’s Katie’s story.

You can’t do it all at once. You don’t have to do it alone. Take the stairs, one step at a time. Just do it. You won’t believe how amazing it is at the top.