Why do I stand with my back to you for my profile picture?

I have worked as an emergency room nurse my entire adult life. I have seen too many women walk through those doors beaten, bruised, battered and . . . sometimes dead. It was too late for them. I always imagined the women who do not make it to the hospital or seek any kind of help. The physical injuries, mental abuse, the living in fear, the shame, the worry about the children. What happens to all of these women? I’ve gotten to know a few of the women I helped to treat over the years. They all told me the same thing. They had no money, nowhere to go, no relatives to protect them. They felt ashamed, they stayed because of the children. They always thought it was their fault, they had no resources or available help and the list goes on and on.

One day, bloodied and battered Katie walked through the emergency room doors. She had enough, she was in shock, she stood her ground. We got to know each other and Katie has since become one of my best friends. I decided upon my retirement that I would sit down and write a novel, my first, but not my last. I promise you.

Something To Be Brave For is the culmination of the many stories of abuse I have seen and heard firsthand over the years. I must remain somewhat anonymous to protect all of the women I know and their stories. I dedicate my life now to helping all of the Katies around the world. I turn my back on physical and mental abuse and I am here to help you do that too. I will talk to you and share resources.

Just promise me . . .

Turn around and walk away from the abuse.