Saturday Sunrise…Boston Looks Beautiful to Me

Good morning Priscilla Bennett Community!

I wanted to check in, say hello and share some random weekend thoughts. It’s been quite a week. My team and I have been preparing for the release of my first novel Something To Be Brave For. The eBook will be released on April 3, 2017 by Endeavour Press through Amazon. It is on presale now so please continue to visit my website for more details and upcoming events. Note that proceeds from the eBook are going to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Enough of my own self-promotion, we have work to do.

As most of you know, I am a retired emergency room nurse. I am also the daughter of a nurse. I’ve been surrounded by the medical profession and the motto “we are here to help assist and heal”. I wrote my new book, almost like a call to service, to cull together stories from various women that I have met over the years, treated, become friendly with and have heard their stories. I always knew about domestic violence but grew up in a loving home in Boston. This was not my world.

Last Tuesday I was going to take a break and go over to the art museum, not far from my home, for a quick shot of beauty. You all know what happened that day…snow, snow and more snow in the Northeast.I ended up not going but stayed home and reflected on my journey as to why I wrote this book and what I now have to accomplish with the release right around the corner. The heroine in my book, Katie Giraud, bravely withstood abuse in many different forms from emotional, to psychological to physical. Katie was an art student, lover of all beautiful things…including her husband Claude. I don’t want to give away the story but want everyone to understand that this is an ongoing epidemic facing women, in particular, but men and children too. I have fallen down the rabbit hole with my research with Something To Be Brave For. I am on a journey now that I am retired and the children are grown, to spend each and everyday making a difference. Survival is most difficult when one is beaten down and cannot make a move mentally to find a solution. Money and shelter are the two biggest reasons people do not leave a toxic environment. I want to help wake up society, raise awareness and remind everyone that there are resources and plenty of helpers out there. Please go to the top of my website and click on the Resources tab. I have listed many organizations that are standing by. You just need the strength to make “the call.”

I want everyone to take the Priscilla Bennett Pledge. Do just one small thing to help a fellow sister or brother. Reach out. Smile. Offer a shoulder to lean on. So many things can be done to get the ball rolling. I will continue blogging on a much more frequent basis and will also be guest blogging on other related sites. Please stay tuned for all Priscilla Bennett announcements on my website and always remember that we all have Something To Be Brave For.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy weekend.

xoxo Priscilla