Reilly Update

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

It’s mid-week, and Harry and I just got the results of Reilly’s x-rays from the radiologist who concurred with the vet that Reilly does not have a fracture and his hips and pelvis are fine, but that he has a floating knee cap and advanced arthritis in the knee. The vet continued, “It keeps coming out of the socket, so even if the anti-inflammatory works, and Reilly can walk on it again, we’re facing a chronic problem that only surgery can fix.” “Just like my arthritic knee,” Harry said. “Can’t you just put it back in?” “I do, but then it pops right out. He’s at stage four—the most serious.” “But Reilly’s ten years old. We don’t want him to have an operation,” Harry said, his voice cracking again. “I understand, and we’re not there yet. Have you seen any improvement?” “Maybe a little,” I said. “Let’s see what happens with the medication in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, make sure he stays quiet and off the leg. If you have a crate, put him in it or get an X-pen.” “What’s that?” we asked. “A collapsible wire frame that you set up in one room—comes in different shapes and sizes- and you put him, his water dish and wee wee pad in it to keep him confined. Let’s talk in a few days and see where we are.” After we hung up the phone, Harry looked at me and said, “Is she daft? There’s no way I’m crating Reilly—he hates the crate—and we’re not getting that X thing either. Between the bad back and the knees that’s a recipe for disaster—the bending over in awkward positions to try and get him out—he’d end up taking care of us. We keep him plenty quiet. That’s all we’re doing. Come on, Reilly, let’s get cozy on the bed and watch some track and field.” Harry scooped him up under one arm and disappeared into the bedroom.

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Take good care of yourselves,