Random Thoughts on a Winter Wednesday Afternoon…

Dear Priscilla Bennett Community,

It has been a very busy week around here so far gearing up for my new eBook release Something To Be Brave For by Endeavour Press.  I’ve been finishing up the final edits and also building up my Priscilla network on a daily basis by reaching out to many people on social media.  “Social Media.”  Those two words always sound so interesting to me.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.They provide wonderful platforms for everyone to express themselves and feel a part of something, a connection. That’s all everyone really wants, a connection. The flip side of this technology is that it is now very easy for strangers, or even unwanted family members, to track, snoop and follow us. Stalking is very prevalent these days. Especially among our domestic violence community. It is nearly impossible to be anonymous in 2017. I suggest and strongly advocate being extra vigilant.  Do not put personal information on any platforms but do put inspirational information. Use today’s technology to advance spreading our message of stopping the rampant domestic violence by providing stories and resources.  People find power in collaboration and group reassurance. There are so many organizations and groups that have formed over the last decade.  Thirty years ago, twenty years ago, most of this did not exist.  Domestic violence was, and still is, considered an embarrassment.  A hush hush. Well, I am here to say that as an emergency room nurse for over twenty five years, I saw more than my eyes could believe.  I heard more, I met women,  men and children too, with stories of emotional and physical violence.How would they survive?  Where would they live? What would they do for money?  Well, now I am retired and have time.  My mission statement is to educate and eradicate domestic violence. I spent time writing my forthcoming novel to address these issues. I’ve built a new website www.priscillabennett.com to form a community.  We will share and provide valuable resources so go ahead and join us. I will also be recommending valuable sites for you to visit, look at and read about.  Today, I would like to direct your attention to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.(www.NCADV.org) It is chock full of information pertaining to education, resources, stories, blogs and much more.  Just take a look.  Don’t be afraid.  Reading is free and always remember, knowledge is power and we all have something to be brave for.