Dear Priscilla Bennett Community,

This past week felt like the middle of summer, and I haven’t even done my Spring cleaning. This morning I decided it was a good day to plant my red geraniums. I like working with my hands—the touch of the damp earth, dirt under my fingernails, the pungent smell of bursting buds—the cycle of life and new beginnings. In my new novel, SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR, Katie, the heroine, likes to garden with her little girl Rose for similar reasons and to help keep her sanity.

Now, for me, it calms and organizes my thoughts racing through my brain about the sequel I want to write. What happens next to Katie and her daughter Rose? Will Katie meet someone and be willing to fall in love again after her brutal marriage? How will Rose react? Will Katie stay in Boston and continue with her art gallery? What crises lie ahead for both of them, and how will they cope?

I patted the dirt around my last geranium and raised my watering can to give them each a drink. “There we go,” I said, talking to my new plant babies—a habit I had acquired as a young girl. I took a few steps back to look at my transformed window boxes. All they need is love and kindness like everyone else in this world, I thought.

Thank you, my friends, for listening. Please go to my website and click on the RESOURCES tab for help. Don’t forget the Priscilla Bennett Pledge to reach out to someone with a kind word or gesture and remember that we all have SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR.

You are in my thoughts,