Something To Be Brave For

SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR tells the sometimes tender yet often harrowing story of abuse and of a woman’s resilience and courage, a tale that culminates in the triumph of self-discovery.

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Critical Acclaim

"If you couldn't get enough of 'Big Little Lies', either the series or the book, then you should get your hands on 'Something To Be Brave For'. Ms. Bennett has put a unique spin on the age-old story of a woman trapped in an abusive marriage. She creates a world of privilege that becomes a gilded prison for her protagonist, and that traps the reader into turning page after absorbing page to see how she'll manage to escape. This is absorbing reading at its unputdownable best." — Luther L., Amazon Review

"I just finished reading Something to be Brave For. The book was very intense and shocking as it centres around domestic abuse. It was very heartfelt and sad to know that there are many people out there that are suffering in silence and just because of your families social status it does not mean that you are immune to it. The book was very well written and realistic." — Dr. Stars, Goodreads Review

"This book handles the emotional subject of Domestic Violence, a subject I'm passionate about through my paid work and previous volunteer work with Victim Support. The Author delicately handles the subject and shows how a couple on the outside can be the envy of everyone who meets them; outwardly seen as being a happily married and successful couple, but behind closed doors the story couldn't be more different."— Lisa Hardy, Bookalicious Travel Addict Review

"The novel, Something To Be Brave For is a unique—yet still universal—story of domestic violence. Katie lives in an Architectural Digest home with her husband, a surgeon whose skill is known to the world and whose brutality is known only to his wife. This story of a women trapped in a gilded cage, living with a monster, transcends race, color and class: Katie is a sister to every battered woman. She’s also a survivor and as she turns her life of horror into one of hope, the reader will want to stand up and cheer!"— Rosemary Rogers, author of eight books including the bestseller Saints Preserve Us! and numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

"Well-written story beautifully told that will help those who are suffering from mental and physical abuse."— Fred Mermelstein, Ph.D Healthcare Entrepreneur and Former CEO and President of Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge MA

"Spellbinding…captures the world of high society; the elegant homes, political and sexual alliances, the affairs, dalliances and even the world of cosmetic surgery that often attends this glamorous-and frequently dangerous-lifestyle…" — Lewis Burke Frumkes, Author.  Read More 



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Release Date: January 2017

“Something To Be Brave For” [Excerpt] The rough odor of narcissus bulbs from their pots on the windowsills claws at your throat, and your jaw is stiff. In your peripheral vision you sense the glimmering green and silver and red of the family Christmas tree, shining with Rose’s paper and…

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My mission statement is simple.

I want to provide leadership and outreach to fellow nurses and others in the sharing of knowledge and ideas and in generating support for nurses in their work on violence against women. I want to create supportive strategies to mitigate the effects of violence, abuse and exploitation of women in…