Normandy Beach

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

It’s Friday and the beginning of another weekend. There’s a crispness in the air that reminds me that Fall is around the corner. Almost time to clean out my closet and bring in my Fall/Winter stuff from the back room.

Harry and I had dinner with his doctor and wife. They had just returned from an eight-day cruise down the Danube that they so enjoyed. “Harry, you and Pris have to do it. They’re amazing. The room was fabulous, the food delicious, the people so friendly and everything was organized so well. The scenery was beautiful, and there were wonderful tours to take or you could stay on the boat and just relax.” “Sounds good to me,” said Harry. “I’ve always wanted to go to Normandy Beach. I want to see the sacrifice we made—all the American soldiers killed—all the gravestones. It must be powerful. Why don’t we do it together?” “Funny you should mention it. This cruise outfit has tours to Normandy, too. Gladys and I have been thinking that will be our next one.”

So many of the soldiers that fought and survived WW11 had Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome that went unrecognized—flashbacks and nightmares of the horrors they witnessed along with panic and anxiety with no support—many thought they were going crazy and self-medicated.

Many victims of abuse suffer from PTSD and need help to deal with their own horrors of being beaten, raped and psychologically abused—often in front of their children—to accept that it is not their fault and to get to the other side and heal.

Take good care of yourselves,