News from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence – 7.28.17

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence applauds Senators Collins, Murkowski and McCain for standing up for victims and survivors of domestic violence, their children, and all Americans by voting against the Senate’s ‘skinny’ Affordable Care Act repeal, which would, if enacted as passed, have led to 16 million people losing healthcare and increased next year’s premiums by 20%.  Their vote against this bill was a vote for transparency, for regular order, and for a process that includes stakeholder input, considering the impact of any healthcare reform policies on victims, survivors, children, and all Americans.  We also thank Senator Hirono for her impassioned support of health care access as she battles kidney cancer.  We urge legislators to move forward in a bipartisan effort to lower healthcare costs without ending Medicaid as an entitlement program, and we look forward to working with them to ensure the needs of victims, survivors, and their children are incorporated into any final legislation.  Additionally, we send our support and best wishes for a swift and complete recovery to Senators Hirono and McCain.
NCADV also commends Senators Shelby and Shaheen, their staff, and the entire Senate Appropriations Committee for demonstrating their commitment to ending gender-based violence.  The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies bill with only one ‘nay’ vote.  This bill includes $483.5 million for VAWA, similar to the last fiscal year with an addition $1 million each for transitional housing and rural communities.  It also includes a $3.64 billion VOCA disbursement, the average of the previous three years’ deposits.  Furthermore, in a great triumph for Native victims and survivors, Senate Appropriators have, for the first time, included a 5% VOCA tribal funding stream in the original text of the bill (it was added by amendment last year and in the House this year).  This has been one of the field’s key requests over the years!  The Senate bill also rejects the House’s cuts to the Legal Services Corporation, funding it at the same level as fiscal year 2017.  We look forward to working with Appropriators to end the inappropriate transfer of VOCA funds to pay for VAWA in coming years.
We further applaud Senators Collins and Reed and their staffs for the inclusion of a new $25 million funding stream in the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies bill for rapid rehousing and supportive services for victims and survivors.  A survey of NCADV organizational members found that the lack of adequate housing for survivors was one of their top concerns.
Yesterday and early this morning, the Senate took a stand to support victims and survivors.  We look forward to working with Congress to maintain and build upon this progress.
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