My New Series of Tips To Have An Informed Conversation About Domestic Violence

Dear Friends:

I will be posting ideas for you over the next week. Please read, add comments or suggestions and let’s get the conversation out in the open because we all have #somethingtobebravefor.

1. NEVER victim blame

Abuse is never the victim’s fault. As a society, we continue to place blame on victims by asking, “What did she do to deserve that?” or “What was she wearing?” or “Why was she there?” or “Why couldn’t she just keep her knees together?” Yet we do not ask these questions to victims of other crimes. We must stop asking these questions of domestic violence and sexual assault

How can we shift the culture away from blaming the victim, and instead blame the perpetrator?
Why does the abuser choose the abuse?

Believe, support, and trust survivors. Instead of second guessing their experiences, let’s rightfully place the responsibility on abusers and perpetrators to end the abuse. Domestic violence is rooted in power and control.