What Is the National Task Force?

Nationwide, the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence works as an important voice in the conversation about public policy that can reduce domestic violence. While the National Task Force works to change federal laws, state, city, and community task forces are needed to focus specifically on the problems they see in their areas.

From commissioner level to staff level, Hanson says that task forces will include people from the department of education, police departments, the district attorney’s office, human resources administration, community-based organizations, social services organizations, advocacy groups, domestic violence service providers and survivors.

Their goal is to focus on four ways to reduce domestic abuse:

1. Preventing violence and abusive behavior before it begins.
2. Increasing early reporting by victims.
3. Improving response in the criminal justice system.
4. Creating strategies for long-term violence reduction.

The task force created four working groups around each goal made up of 20 to 30 people who will come up with recommendations for the city and create a plan to guide the city as it improves its response to domestic violence.