Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

It’s mid-week and I’m babysitting my grandson who’s six months old. My daughter is dropping him off for several hours while she’s at work. She’s a social worker and has a hard time taking time off. Her husband who works nights as a bank guard, usually babysits, but today he’s not feeling well and needs to rest, and I’m more than happy to take care of little Morgan. As a grandmother, I feel much the same in many ways except it’s one removed. They named him after my great grandfather who came over to this country from Wales during the 1800s. He’s such a good baby—even-tempered, happy, smiling, giggling and laughing. He’ll be crawling soon. He flips from side to side and uses his back toe to push himself forward. I pulled out all of his toys, pacifier, collapsible crib, infant seat, play gym and wiped them off, setting them up in the living room. Can’t wait to hold him.

In my novel, Katie has to deal with the idea of losing her child, Rose, to her abuser husband who controls all the finances and has many powerful connections. How does she cope with this reality? Will he kill her or will she get out? At first, she doesn’t cope and keeps trying to “fix” the marriage. She goes to her parents who could more than afford to help, but they consider it her responsibility to make it work and refuse. She begins to save pocket money and hides it in her art history books that she knows her husband, Claude, will never look at. She begins to formulate an escape plan for herself and Rose.

Take good care of yourselves,