Mel B Abuse by Husband Seen by Many, Authorities Not Called


4/4/2017 8:15 AM PDT

Mel B says she has been the victim of horrific brutality at the hands of husband Stephen Belafonte for nearly a decade, and lots of people around her saw her injuries but it appears most of them bought her stories that made no sense.

TMZ broke the story, Mel B got a restraining order Monday against Belafonte, claiming he beat her, choked her and threw her to the ground on multiple occasions. According to the documents, after an alleged beating in 2012 over Belafonte’s jealousy of Usher, producers of ‘X Factor’ (Australia) noticed swelling on her face and asked for a physician. She claimed it was an allergic reaction to shellfish and according to the document, the doctor on set bought her story.

She was also forced to miss a filming of ‘X Factor’ (UK) in late 2014 because her injuries were so bad they could not be covered by theatrical makeup. When she finally returned, she still had visible facial and body wounds yet no one sounded the alarm.

Around the same time, things got so bad, Mel B tried to take her own life by swallowing an entire bottle of Aspirin. She had a change of heart, tried calling 999, but she says Belafonte prevented her from doing so. At some point she says her friend, Randy, came over but Belafonte forced him to leave. Randy called an ambulance but Belafonte turned it away. Authorities were not alerted.

The next day, her driver showed up to take her to work and saw such extensive injuries he took her to the hospital, where she spent 2 days with security standing guard outside her room to keep Belafonte away. Yet authorities again were not alerted.

She returned again to ‘X Factor’ (UK) with visible facial and body wounds, which producers attempted to cover up. Again, authorities not called.

When she was back in L.A. she told ‘X Factor’ “employers” she had attempted suicide to escape from the abuse at the hands of Belafonte. She says they offered assistance to get her away from Belafonte, but it appears authorities were not contacted and she went back to living with him.

Mel B says throughout the years, Belafonte would harass and intimidate her agents, producers and co-stars, and they complained to her he was “abusive and demanding,” and he was adversely affecting her business … but again, it appears authorities were not contacted.

Belafonte tells TMZ he questions the motives of her accusations.