Labor Day

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day. The summer went so fast. I always want it to last at least another two months—the daylight becoming twilight until 8:00 pm, the scent of the watered earth, geranium and tomato plants from the garden. Harry and I have breakfast outside and watch the blue jays and red cardinals go in and out of his bird feeder while we munch on a blueberry muffin and sip our coffee.

Today, we were busy organizing the last bits of our family cookout. We feel so fortunate to have this loving family that supports each other—so many don’t and feel isolated and alone. In the emergency room working as a nurse, I saw one woman after the other who felt there was nowhere to turn—and that they had no support—family, work or friends. It’s true that family members often are not supportive and blame the victim.

In my novel, Katie craves to have a loving family. She can’t wait to escape from her own parents, marry the man they have picked for her—that will please them and give her the freedom to separate and have the “perfect family” on her own terms. From an early age, when other girls were thinking about what they wanted to be or do—an astronaut, a doctor or lawyer—Katie wanted to have children and be the perfect wife and mother. If given the chance, she knew that she could re-write history and do it her way with love. Her parents blame her for troubles in her marriage and insist on her “trying to do better.” She tries over and over again until she knows she won’t survive and has to leave with her child.

Take good care of yourselves,