Katie’s Mindset

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

Harry and I just got back from having lunch down at the pier where there’s always a nice cool breeze. We strolled along the water’s edge where we had our first date, and Harry took my hand. We reminisced about our romance and had a good laugh over me turning him down. “You were tough, Pris.” “Not at all. I just didn’t want you to think I was easy.” “Easy? I almost gave up.” “Nonsense, you only asked a couple of times.” “Three—it must have been the yellow roses that finally got to you.” “You think so?” “He winked at me, and I pecked him on the cheek. “Hard to believe we’ve been married forty-three years—sometimes, it just seems like yesterday, except you’re even more beautiful than the day I met you.”

Unlike me, Katie couldn’t wait to get married to escape her parents and to have the family she always wanted. By marrying Claude she was pleasing them and simultaneously getting away. Her independence and security was founded in Claude’s success, and she was willing to sacrifice the beginnings of her sense-of-self for it. She always felt that she was an extension of her parents’ egos. Only when she went away to college did she begin to develop herself and her interest in art—an act of rebellion that culled no respect from her parents—but Claude appeared to appreciate her and her knowledge of art, and for the first time, Katie believes she has an ally. She idealizes him and places him high upon a pedestal like a Greek god to worship, replacing and dismissing her father to the Under World—Claude would make more money, have more success and would love and protect her beyond measure.

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Take good care of yourselves,