Jet Lag

Dear Priscilla Bennett Friends,

Here we are mid-week, and it has been so warm here, I can’t believe it’s officially Fall. Harry and I picked Reilly up at the vet where he stayed while we were away, and it was a joyous reunion of tail wagging, barking and jumping. At home, he ran for a drink of water, played with his favorite bone and plopped down on his soft cushion that we call “the throne” for a nap.

We’ve been unpacking from our trip and doing endless laundry loads to catch up to where we were before we left. We were so happy to get back and be in our own cozy comfortable space. This trip, the five hour time change and seven hour flight back, has been particularly challenging—maybe it’s a bit of the age factor—but we’ve decided that we’re staying put for a while.

Tomorrow Tommy is coming over to give me another computer lesson. He goes to the local high school and is a wiz on the computer—at least compared to me. He always says, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Bennett, you’re doing great,” or “Everyone forgets. I have the same problem. You just have to keep doing it over and over until it sinks in.” I still have so much to learn when it comes to all the social media—facebook, twitter, instagram, posting and blogging—it’s overwhelming with no end in sight. I’ve taken Tommy’s advice and just keep doing it over and over, and eventually it begins to sink in.

Take good care of yourselves,