How I Began Writing


Dear Priscilla Bennett Community,

I hope you had a peaceful weekend. I did some long overdue spring cleaning and took some clothing that I knew I’d never get into again over to the women’s shelter. They always need contributions. The cleaning process is good for me—getting rid of unnecessary things to make room for the new. It reminded me of how I began to write my novel.

After I retired from being an emergency room nurse, I began to adjust to a different life. I had always worked nights, so days were for sleeping, and I was so looking forward to re-adjusting to a regular day. It wasn’t long before I was getting up early in the morning before Harry was awake. It was quiet and still except for a bird chirping or the sound of the wind—peace surrounded me as thoughts dashed in and out of my mind of my nursing days and what it meant. The most important theme that I kept coming back to was the women from all backgrounds that came in as victims of domestic violence. In that quiet time in the morning, I began writing down the random thoughts, and that was the beginning of the book.

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Take good care of yourselves,