Hello Priscilla Bennett Friends,

It’s Harry, again, wanting to say, “hello” to everyone. A couple of days have passed since Mother’s Day, but I’m still thinking about the meaning of the day and how fortunate we are. I was very close to my mother, and all the good I’ve learned in life, I owe to her. My father died when I was twelve, and I always felt responsible for my mother even though she worked at the plant during the day and cleaned offices at night to feed all of us. When she became too old to live alone, she moved into our house. Pris’ mother was already living on the top floor, and the two of them got along famously—a little like the old TV show, The Odd Couple.

I have wonderful memories and am so blessed to have my family. Pris has been an incredible mother to her daughters, and I have so much respect for her giving a voice to all the mothers out in the world that are suffering from domestic violence, sexual assault and mental abuse from their partners. That was the reason for writing the book.

Thank you for your time, and please visit the website at to connect with more information and support. As Pris always says, we all have SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR.

Take good care of yourselves…