Group of Friends Renovate Domestic Violence Shelter

The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults announces the renovation of its Domestic Violence Shelter, thanks to the effort and generosity of community volunteers.

For nearly a decade, Tennessee has consistently ranked among the top 10 states in the nation for the most homicides due to domestic violence. Partnership’s shelter houses men, women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.

The renovation of 14 bedrooms and an emergency housing room was spearheaded by local volunteer, Shannon Anderson, who says she got the idea while having dinner with her friend, Partnership Board Chairwoman, Carol Mastey. “Carol told me about the condition of the 14 bedrooms in the shelter,” Ms. Anderson said. Immediately, I volunteered to renovate a room and
challenged the other women at dinner to do the same.”

Nicknamed, “The Dream Team,” Ms. Anderson and Ms. Mastey, along with volunteers Laura Vaughn, and Lisa Davis quickly got to work rallying others to join the effort. “We eventually had a tennis team, a church group, a card game group, some doctor’s wives, several individuals and some local philanthropists who all agreed to take on the remaining bedrooms,” Ms. Anderson said. “People want to help a charitable organization but not necessarily by just handing over cash. This was a tangible project where people could see the results of their donation.”

“We are incredibly grateful to this Dream Team,” said Pam Ladd, CEO of the Partnership. “The shelter was in need of a refresh and these volunteers were very generous. We call them ‘The Dream Team’ because they literally came out of nowhere and started making things happen. Boxes of furniture and bedding just keep arriving at the shelter for these rooms!”

Local retail and service vendors were paramount to the success of this effort, as the entirety of the project was done without fundraising. The estimate of all goods and services donated to the effort totals over $77,000. “It was a project based on the power of friendship, not fundraising,” Ms. Anderson said. “To pull it off, our friends recruited their friends, who in turn, recruited more friends and local businesses. We are so grateful for everyone who has donated to this cause, particularly our community partners: Therm-Con, Prater Flooring, Signature Painting and Renovations, Lowe’s, Ferguson Appliances, Murmaid Mattress, Ace Hardware and Sophie’s Shoppe.

Crystal St. Pierre, volunteer coordinator for Partnership Victim Support Services said, “I got to watch as our clients opened the door to their newly renovated bedroom for the first time. It was so wonderful to see the look of happiness, gratitude, and peace that overcame them upon seeing their safe new home. The Dream Team are truly angels on earth.”

The Bedroom Project – by the Dream Team
Renovation of 14 bedrooms (and kitchen and emergency room) at the Partnership women’s shelter
Downtown Chattanooga, Partnership for Families, Children & Adults

Bedroom 1 – “The Anderson room” (302) – Shannon Anderson – COMPLETED 9-24-16
Bedroom 2 – “The Vaughn room” (307) – Laura Vaughn – COMPLETED 10-8-16
Bedroom 3 – “Sophie’s room” (309) – Tamara Dillard – COMPLETED 10-11-16
Bedroom 4 – “The Dan Tindall room” (301) – Carey Steger and card game group – COMPLETED 12-6-16
Bedroom 5 – “The Fortner room” (305) – Rebecca and Todd Fortner (Laura Vaughn coordinator)
Bedroom 6 – “The Lela-Kate room” (318) – Ashley Sorrow – COMPLETED 3-13-17
Bedroom 7 – “The Gina and Arianna room” (303) – Gina Self and Arianna – COMPLETED 4-2-17
Bedroom 8 – “The Becky & Lisa room” (319) – Becky Copler & Lisa Davis – COMPLETED 3-10-17
Bedroom 9 – “The Radpour room” (322) – Mary K. Radpour – COMPLETED 4-1-2017
Bedroom 10 – “Local Philanthropists” (317) – (Laura Vaughn coordinator) – COMPLETED 5-22-17
Bedroom 11 – (320) – “Plastic Surgery Group Wives” – Jamie Rehm – COMPLETED 5-28-17
Bedroom 12 – “The Mastey room” (321) – Carol Mastey and Kathy Harper – COMPLETED 5-6-17
Bedroom 13 – “Tennis Team room” (316) – Laura Vaughn’s tennis team – COMPLETED 6-21-2017
Bedroom 14 – “Local Philanthropists” (315) – (Laura Vaughn coordinator) – COMPLETED 6-20-2017
PARLOR ROOM Lower Level (emergency room) “The Baxter Room” – Ally Porta and Leslie Baxter –
COMPLETED 7-8-2017

Therm-Con – donated hardwood flooring (materials and labor) – Tom and Gina Self
Signature Painting and Renovations – demolition and painting – Isaiah McCallum 423-710-4425
LOWE’S (on 153) – Shelter kitchen renovation and window blinds (at cost) – Dusty Mullins and Klaus
Beyer. Klaus installed the kitchen cabinets.
Ferguson Appliances, – donated kitchen appliances and dorm size refrigerators for the bedrooms, Jeff
Cochran, general manager 423-629-1770
Prater Flooring – donated labor and supplied hardwood flooring for first 3 bedrooms at cost – Mike
Murmaid Mattress – offered mattresses at a discount – Wesley Gaier
Ace Hardware – donated paint