Glenn Close Is A Mental Health Crusader

Glenn Close presented her first public service announcement on mental health, which was shot at Grand Central Terminal by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, at Town & Country’s 2017 Philanthropy Summit.

“My sister Jessie came to me one day and said, ‘You have to help me because I can’t stop thinking about killing myself,’ and it shocked me. I did not know the things that she was going through,” Close told an astonished audience Tuesday at Hearst Tower.

“She was properly diagnosed at 50 years old. We wanted our first PSA to be in an iconic public place, knowing . . . one in four people who walk through Grand Central station would be touched in some way by mental illness. The concept was that people wear a T-shirt with their disorder on it. My sister and my nephew wore ‘bipolar disorder’ and ‘schizophrenia’ on their chests in Grand Central with people looking at them for a whole day of shooting. She declared to the world that she was someone living with a mental illness, and that was the beginning.”