Friday Sad News – A Blog Posting from My Heart

Dear Priscilla Bennett Community,


I hope that you are all well as we come towards the end of April.  Today, I share sad news.  My husband, Harry, and I went to the funeral of a good friend’s daughter who overdosed at the age of thirty-four from opioid addiction.  She had fought this battle for four years, since her car accident, when she was prescribed pain killers for her injuries and became addicted.


I remember when I was working in the emergency room, doctors were freely writing prescriptions for opioids without realizing how addictive they were—maybe some turned a blind eye to it because of their working relationship with the pharmaceutical companies—battered women got them to ease their pain—The doctors thought they were helping.  “Here, take these.  It will make you feel better,” I often heard. In the emergency room, we saw more alcohol related domestic violence cases—now it’s the opioid epidemic that is  contributing to domestic violence more, and doctors can no longer give out the prescriptions.  When my friend’s daughter’s doctor refused to prescribe her opioids, she went to the street to get them and died.


Thank you again for listening, dear friends.  So many of you are suffering from this epidemic, and it’s connection with domestic violence.  Please go to my website for help and information.  Reach out to someone in need with a kind word or touch on the back.  Don’t forget the Priscilla Bennett Pledge and remember that we all have SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR.


Take good care of yourselves…