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Good morning Priscilla Bennett Friends,

I’m Harry, Priscilla Bennett’s husband, and I wanted to give you an update on our last card playing get-together.  It wasn’t our usual Gin Rummy night.  As promised, we had invited the wives to expand the conversation about domestic violence.  Pris started it off by talking about how she worked as an emergency room nurse taking care of domestic violence victims, and when she retired, she decided to write her book to bring awareness to the issue and help victims of domestic violence.  She then asked the wives to tell stories of those they knew who had suffered abuse or needed help.

There was silence, and Pris started telling her own stories from the emergency room, and, one by one, the women began to speak.  “I feel strange talking about this because I never told my husband, and it was a subject that nobody wanted to address, but my sister was tortured by her husband.  I tried to help her, but she wouldn’t leave.  She didn’t have the strength.  She was convinced he would take her children away and kill her—and he did.”

No cards were played that night, but we grew together by sharing and decided to keep the group going—every other week the wives would join to discuss what we could do to educate ourselves and help domestic violence victims—the other week, the boys would do the Gin Rummy thing.

Thank you for your time, and please visit the website to connect with more information and support.  As Pris says, we all have SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR.

Take car of yourselves…