Easter Sunday Thoughts — A Blog Posting

Dear Priscilla Bennett Community,

I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting the launch of my new novel Something To Be Brave For by Endeavour Press.  This process has been a rebirth for me, like Easter season. I have been dreaming about writing for years. I vowed to take all of my diaries, notes and post-its about domestic violence from my nursing days and craft into a novel upon my retirement. So many people walked through those emergency room doors that I was in disbelief that this horrible crime was occurring all around me. I did it. I completed my first novel and am working on my second one. So much of Katie’s story has yet to be told.  The feeling of accomplishment of actually writing and then seeing my book cover is overwhelming. However, the real work is ahead. I am just at the beginning of creating a domestic violence community. One where we can openly discuss issues, post anything we’d like, add pictures, random thoughts and of course,  share resources for victims and others who just want to be informed.  We all know of someone who has suffered or maybe heard stories, or even whispers, about someone. One in four women are abused, children and men too, so this is a pandemic of epic proportions that must be openly addressed. As I seek out media interviews with my team, I am encountering a resistance from some about covering this critical and crucial subject matter.  What a shame. Yes, it is not an easy subject to talk about and yes, I am not a celebrity, but getting the dialogue going is the first step. I am committed to making this happen. The more we discuss, share and get this issue of domestic violence out into the open, the easier it will eventually be. The goal is to help educate and  eradicate all forms of domestic violence from physical to emotional. Remember, my mantra is we all have something to be brave for.


Easter is a time for rebirth and the flowers are in full bloom in Boston.  I feel alive and my passion to build and help people is only getting stronger each and everyday. I cannot do this alone though. Please help me by visiting my website and taking a look at my Resources Page. You may also share your story or just comment on my site, anonymously if you wish, about anything I am posting. Perhaps you’d like to write some random thoughts on my site as I am doing here. My new novel Something To Be Brave For is for sale on Amazon. I am donating proceeds to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, so please take a look at all of the wonderful domestic violence hard work they are doing.

I must go now and get dinner on the table. My three daughters are here with their families and my husband is holding down the fort. I wanted to jot something off to you on this wonderful sunny day.I want to wish everyone a Happy Passover and wonderful Easter. Let us continue working and building together. May you remember my Priscilla Bennett pledge that we all have something to brave for.

xoxo Priscilla