Domestic Violence Victim Knocked Out By Abuser…



 Then Lies In Court About it

Video shows the domestic violence assault by Dorian Chavez Anguiano.

Video shows the domestic violence assault by Dorian Chavez Anguiano.

Dorian Chavez Anguiano Sentenced For Brutal Assault Caught On Video

San Diego, CA – Video captured the moment when Dorian Chavez Anguiano brutally attacked his girlfriend, knocking her unconscious, and dragging her limp body. Later, the victim testified that Anguiano hadn’t attacked her.

According to ABC news Dorian Chavez Anguiano, 42, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for attacking his girlfriend on August 6th. However, the reason her was able to be sentenced was because he initially pleaded guilty, and then later tried to withdraw his plea; the change was likely after the victim was convinced to testify on his behalf.

Thankfully, Judge Stephanie Sontag did not allow Anguiano to withdraw his plea.

You can see the attack here (WARNING: Graphic):

“He is being falsely accused of giving me broken ribs and a broken nose, which he did not do and (has) never done anything like that towards me,” the victim said of Anguiano. The investigators would have had copied of the victim’s medical records and known exactly what her injuries were.

“This whole case has been really misunderstood,” the victim told reporters. “If anything we’re victims of alcohol.”

“I love Dorian dearly. I mean, we planned on getting married.”

Luckily this case had video and a guilty plea. However, this case is not unique and domestic violence abusers commonly get away with their crimes because the victims will testify on their abuser’s behalf. This case is just one example of the frustrating hurdles that law enforcement and prosecutors have to deal with to try to secure a conviction in domestic violence cases.

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