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Please use our Domestic Violence Pro Bono Guide to find pro bono opportunities for you to help in the fight against domestic violence. From filing an order of protection, to doing research for advocacy, to providing legal help to immigrant victims of domestic violence, there are opportunities for everyone.


The Need For Pro Bono in Domestic Violence Cases

Studies show 23.6 percent of women and 11.5 percent of men reported at least one lifetime episode of intimate-partner violence. And importantly, research has shown that one of the key components in reducing domestic violence is ensuring that victims have access to civil legal services. Yet studies show that the collective civil legal aid effort is meeting only about 20% of the legal needs of low-income people.

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Are You Looking for a Lawyer?

Lawyers are not listed on this site. We recommend that you try contacting some of these resources:

ABA Consumers’ Guide to Legal Help

State Bar Associations

State Domestic Violence Coalitions

State Sexual Assault Coalitions

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Victims of Crime Resource Center