Blog Posting – Monday Must-Have

Good afternoon, my dear Priscilla Bennett Community,

I hope your weekend has been peaceful and filled with the smells and sights of spring. I was sitting outside in my little garden looking at the red tulips and yellow and white daffodils I had recently planted—I love digging up the earth with my hands—it’s therapy for me.  I sipped my cup of tea in between allergy sneezes and thought about how lucky I was to have never suffered abuse.  I had unconditional love and so did my husband, Harry. What a gift!

As I read through the Sunday paper, I came across a book review about two sons and their abusive father and was struck by the idea that nothing drives men more than the fear of losing their father’s love.  In the review, it said until they learned that being a man sometimes meant becoming the opposite of their father, they would continue to submit to the abuse.

Unconsciously, they chose abuse over being abandoned, and maybe that’s true for most who are abused.  In the end, all we want is to be loved.  Every child should automatically have the right to parental love, but we know that’s not the case.  I think about the children that have witnessed the mental and physical abuse of their parent and have become a victim themselves.  There is help.

Thank you for listening, dear friends.  I know you care.  Time for me to get back to work and spread the word to help as many as I can.  Please go to my website to get all kinds of information and announcements.  Browse around and click on the Resources button for specific information.  Make a call if you can.  It’s not easy. Don’t forget the Priscilla Bennett Pledge and reach out to help someone in need—just a kind word or smile can make a difference.  Remember that we all have SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR.

Take good care.  I’m thinking of you….