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Giving back has inspired hundreds of survivors to begin their healing.

We have chosen our role in our community and it is one of peace, healing, education, awareness, safety and change. We urge you today to ponder on what it is you believe your role is within your community and then spring into action towards it! You CAN make a difference in someone’s life and B.T.S survivors are the proof.

Volunteer Role Descriptions:

The Blog Writer is responsible for producing at least one blog per week, upon assignment. We are recruiting 1-3 bloggers to commit to at least 1-year of writing for our website ( In addition, all blog writers must be available for weekly team reviews of blogs and quarterly reviews of blog topics. All volunteers must be involved, engaged, and committed to volunteer at least 3-5/hr per week. Blog writers are also responsible for promoting blogs on all social media channels, linkedin, tumblr, and major blog sites. Blog writers have the opportunity to have their work exposed to 50,000 + followers from our website and social media pages.


Edit and publish content on the BTS blog(s)

Create and generate blog topics to write on. Choose subject matter that interests readers

Measure and track the effectiveness of blog topics based on number of viewers and number of comments.

Conduct research to obtain factual information and authentic detail.

Write content for the blog.

Perform other duties as assigned


Prior experience in blog writing.

Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, English, Communications, Creative Writing, etc. highly preferred.

Possess engaging “conversational” writing skills with a professional posture.

The successful candidate must be computer and Internet savvy

Photography skills a plus.

Executive Board Member: The responsibility of our Board is to ensure that the mission, vision, and values of our organization are clear, focused, continually progressing, and constantly upholding its integrity. We heavily rely on the support and efforts of our distinguished board members to uphold an involved leadership position throughout their tenure. Each board member is required to be financially committed to our mission with a minimum board “give or get” of $3,000 each calendar year. Our board conducts monthly conference calls to maintain financial obligations, legal matters, and also to discuss the state of the organization. We expect all board members to be present and active during each call. Each board member is required to actively serve on 1 of our 3 committees and commit to serving on our board for a minimum of two years. All prospective board members must serve on a committee for a minimum of 90 days prior to being vetted to our board. Apply here.

Social Media Admins: Currently looking to fill a few more positions on our social media team to include: 7 Instagram administrators to commit to posting 2x per day. 3 Facebook staff – must be completely versed with scheduling posts, post optimization, fan pages, messenger, Google Sheets, embedding videos, and creating original content through BTS. We prefer to take on team members who are versed in the social media world and can post high quality content to increase brand awareness and website traffic. Time commitment 5 hours per week.

On-site Event Volunteer Volunteer Responsibilities: On-site volunteers are available on a need basis which would require a variety of different on-site tasks to include: greeting, set-up and breakdown, as well as any and all job assignments given by the event coordinator. These events are primarily in San Diego and do happen throughout the country on a spontaneous basis. Currently seeking volunteers in or around San Diego or Colorado Springs. Time commitment varies.

Community Engagement Director: This role is very important cookie within our volunteer team. The Community Engagement director has two main responsibilities: 1) Locating and booking speaking engagements for the Managing Advocate Director as well as locating local events in the community and nationally that the Managing Advocate Director should attend. This position is compensated based on commission for every paid speaking engagement s/he books. Along with booking engagements, this volunteer will also be responsible for tracking every speaking opportunity (both paid and unpaid) and measuring the impact through 1/1/17-12/31/17.

Event Planner for Monthly “Empowered Voices” events: Empowered Voices is a newly revamped program of Break the Silence, formerly known as Women Empowerment Groups. This fun and exciting program will be hosted once a month at various pop-up locations throughout San Diego County and eventually across the country. This role would put together meet-ups that would consist of networking plus a workshop hosted by a new survivor speaker each month. The purpose of this program is to bring survivors of domestic violence and the community together for a “empowered” workshop. Time commitment 5 hours per week.

Program Assistant: We value our programs and the service we provide to our network. We are seeking a program assistant to work with each of our programs to ensure the quality of our programs are running efficiently. This role is very involved and requires a minimum of 10/hours per week. Many of the tasks associated with this role will include processing donation requests applications, sending tax write-off letters, drafting professional emails, follow-ups, and recruiting speakers. This individual must be located in San Diego. This role is very involved and requires a minimum of 5-10/hours per week.

Managing Director: Position works under the direct of the Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Assistant to ensure all volunteers are fully trained and are thoroughly engaged during their tenure with Break the Silence against Domestic Violence. The Managing Director is responsible for being the ‘conductor’ to upkeep the teams enthusiasm and drive measurable results within each leadership committee and team.

Marketing Committee: Marketing is a very involved role within BTS because this role upholds and will be responsible for creating strategic plans to grow the organization. This role is responsible for annual marketing campaigns, fundraising initiatives, event promotions, and developing the overall brand of the organization. This position must have a background and experience in Marketing. Volunteers also must be proactive, self-driven, and must have strong leadership skills. 5-10/hour per week requirement.

Social media marketing: Social media champions of change who have a very knowledgeable background in social media marketing to create, plan, and execute social media contests, campaigns, as well as creating strategies to grow our social media reach.

Volunteer Application

What’s your nickname?
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Why do you want to volunteer with BTS?
State / Province / Region
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Break the Silence against Domestic Violence is physically located in San Diego. We are currently not accepting international volunteers. All new volunteers are required to attend our Volunteer Orientation Meeting before getting started.
What is your preferred method of contact?
Current employment status?
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How many hours per week can you commit to volunteering?
5-10 hours weekly
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Weekends only
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Please click the volunteer role you have experience in and would like to sign up for:*
On-Site Volunteer San Diego
On-Site Volunteer Colorado Springs
Blog Writer
Social Media Administrator
Event Planner Asst. for Monthly “Empowered Voices” events
Community Engagement Director
Program Assistant
Volunteers must be based in San Diego or Colorado Springs, unless otherwise specified. * (Open) means volunteer can be located anywhere geographically.
Please attach resume:
Work Sample
ex. Website, blog, or Marketing portfolio
Supplemental Work Sample (if needed)
What professional skills qualify you for this volunteer position?*
How comfortable are you with using social media and technology?
Very skilled
Slightly skilled
Not confident
Have you been personally affected by domestic violence?
Have you ever been convicted or arrested for a crime? If yes, please explain.
VIDEO 1 QUESTION: When did BTS begin?
VIDEO 2 Question: What are the 3 main qualities we are looking for in volunteers?
What does “teamwork makes the dream work” mean to you?
Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
Have you attended any events or programs with BTS?
We encourage our volunteers to fundraise with us throughout the year. Are you able to commit to our annual $500 fundraising challenge?

Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you in at least a week. If you have further questions, please contact Amber Holt at
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Our Mission:
To educate communities on the dangers of domestic violence, connect victims and survivors, and assist them in the transformation of their lives – by providing a personal development retreat, scholarships, financial empowerment, an advocate-run hotline, and our innovative awareness campaigns.
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