2017 and What It Truly Means to Me

Dear Priscilla Bennett Fans,

I am writing a new year’s letter to you of sorts.  A new year traditionally means a new beginning to most, a fresh start. Well, it might for some of us but not for all of our brothers and sisters in pain and turmoil. I am eagerly awaiting the release of my first novel, Something To Be Brave For, published by Endeavour Press.  The exact release date will be announced shortly but definitely in the first quarter of 2017.I have devoted myself to my family and nursing profession since I have been twenty four years old. I can’t believe what I saw, witnessed, heard over my lengthy career.  I come from a loving family and my husband and I have three beautiful, compassionate, accomplished children. I have had a strong partnership and unconditional love from my husband. I am so lucky…

As most of you know who are following along, I decided to write a book upon my retirement from nursing. I thought this would be the best way to cull stories together and put into words the story of domestic violence and emotional abuse in an enlightening way.  I wish I could say entertaining but there is nothing fun, happy or anything good about domestic violence. I was shocked years ago to see firsthand and learn about so many women, men and children suffering at someone else’s hands.I decided long ago, I would take up this cause full time when the children were grown and my hospital work was over.  I have honored this pledge that I made to myself a long time ago.  I always helped, counseled, provided comfort to the many victims but now I am on a mission to educate and eradicate this most horrible crime. It happens to all races and classes of people. Doesn’t matter, everyone knows of someone. It really affects all of us. Together it is our job to let the world know that this behavior cannot be tolerated.

My new website will be full of topics related to the cause. Real stories, medical findings, resources, charities, your legal rights, my blogs and a host of others.  Please join my community and spread the word. There is help out there…just reach out. I know it’s not easy but remember, none of this is your fault.  There is strength in numbers and a like community. Love is not abuse.  I can’t count the times I heard “he loves me and doesn’t mean it” or “that’s the way he shows love.” NO…unacceptable. If you’re scared and have no where to turn, contact me.  I will direct you to the appropriate resources.

If I can help just one person, then I have done my job. Think of what we can do together. If we each helped one person, just imagine what we can build together. I thank my husband and my children, the loves of my life for understanding and giving me support with this newest phase in my life and remember…

We all have Something To Be Brave For



Priscilla Bennett