10 Facts About Teen Dating Violence…

10 Facts About Teen Dating Violence – Teen Dating Abuse Statistics

Girls as Young as Eleven Report Incidents of Violence and Abuse in Relationships

Unhealthy relationship behaviors often start early and lead to a lifetime of abuse. That’s according to Choose Respect, a national initiative to help adolescents and young teens age 11-14 form healthy relationships to prevent dating abuse.

Every student, parent and teacher needs to be aware of the prevalence of teen dating violence in the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one in eleven adolescents is a victim of physical dating violence.

The following ten facts are from Choose Respect’s “Get the Facts: Dating Abuse Statistics” and “About Choose Respect: Dating Abuse Fact Sheet”:

  1. Each year approximately one in four adolescents reports verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.
  2. Approximately one in five adolescents reports being a victim of emotional abuse.
  3. Approximately one in five high school girls has been physically or sexually abused by a dating partner.
  4. Dating violence among their peers is reported by 54% of high school students.

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  1. One in three teens report knowing a friend or peer who has been physically hurt by his or her partner through violent actions which included hitting, punching, kicking, slapping, and/or choking.
  2. Eighty percent of teens believe verbal abuse is a serious issue for their age group.
  3. Nearly 80% of girls who have been victims of physical abuse in their dating relationships continue to date the abuser.
  4. Nearly 20% of teen girls who have been in a relationship said that their boyfriend had threatened violence or self-harm in the event of a break-up.
  5. Nearly 70% of young women who have been raped knew their rapist; the perpetrator was or had been a boyfriend, friend, or casual acquaintance.
  6. The majority of teen dating abuse occurs in the home of one of the partners.

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