Something To Be Brave For

Released April 3, 2017 from Endeavour Press

SOMETHING TO BE BRAVE FOR tells the sometimes tender yet often harrowing story of abuse and of a woman’s resilience and courage, a tale that culminates in the triumph of self-discovery.

Hit straight to the gut. Kate suffered horrific abuse from her husband but it started way before him. She was groomed for it. I identified with all of which she was subjected to. The only difference, I had thought was her privileged background.I was mistaken because clearly Kate demonstrated how unimportant that was. Beautifully and precisely spoken, the book is a tremendous encouragement to me. Abuse is not our legacy! A story of hope. Shows me a vast horizon of Possibility. Thank you…Priscilla…Thank you Kate. — Marianna Golick, Amazon Review

I really enjoyed this book! It is a story of abuse and redemption. Katie Giraud, daughter of Dr. Jack Callahan and wife of Dr. Claud Giraud lives in a world where trust and hope turn into terror and denial. Priscilla Bennett skillfully brings the reader along with Katie as her cries for help go unheeded by family and even by the police. Power protects power and that goes for everyone who does not want to risk losing it, whether it is Katie`s parents or Claude`s privileged patients. Through wonderfully descriptive dialogue, Priscilla takes us into the rarefied world of Boston Society. We also get an intriguing glimpse into specialized surgery. There is a portrait of a procedure done to save a cancer patient that I won`t soon forget. It is an incredible journey and I am sure the author, a nurse, has seen more of this than we can imagine. Unfortunately, we read to little too late about this type of victim, Kathleen Durst comes to mind. This is a small book with a very large message.— Mary A, Amazon Review

Even though it's in the title, the word "brave" doesn't even begin to describe the harrowing ordeal Katie endures. It will answer a lot of questions to anyone who's wondered, "why do people stay in abusive relationships?" While each situation is different, the truth here is that our protagonist did try to leave, and her husband was a masterful psychopath to blocked his accuser's attempts through power, charm, and violent intimidation.— MoreBikes, Amazon Review

"The novel, Something To Be Brave For is a unique—yet still universal—story of domestic violence. Katie lives in an Architectural Digest home with her husband, a surgeon whose skill is known to the world and whose brutality is known only to his wife. This story of a women trapped in a gilded cage, living with a monster, transcends race, color and class: Katie is a sister to every battered woman. She’s also a survivor and as she turns her life of horror into one of hope, the reader will want to stand up and cheer!"— Rosemary Rogers, author of eight books including the bestseller Saints Preserve Us! and numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

"Well-written story beautifully told that will help those who are suffering from mental and physical abuse."— Fred Mermelstein, Ph.D Healthcare Entrepreneur and Former CEO and President of Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge MA

"Spellbinding…captures the world of high society; the elegant homes, political and sexual alliances, the affairs, dalliances and even the world of cosmetic surgery that often attends this glamorous-and frequently dangerous-lifestyle…" — Lewis Burke Frumkes, Author.  Read More 



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